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ProFilmFest Productions and Distribution is a partnership of experienced and talented producers and directors dedicated to creating innovative, engaging, marketable, and character-driven projects. The team at ProFilmFest was created to support the independent filmmaking community not only in Southern California but across the globe. 

From short films and webseries to feature films and television, ProFilmFest keeps its projects on-budget and on-schedule, while always sticking to three core principles:

1. Make the story strong.

2. Make the set a happy, safe, and professional environment.

3. Create a final product worthy of the time, effort, talents, and money of everyone involved. 

Video Production 




Planning | Scripting | Screenwriting | Budgeting | Line Production | Scheduling | Strip  | Casting

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Editing, sound mixing

Colour-Correction,Visual Effects,Distribution


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Insta Movie Fest

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